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We can help! We will get you going on the right track. Choose one of your Tiny House Shells at the level that makes it easy for you to get a jump on your tiny house project. New Creation Tiny Homes will build the basic shell, a deluxe or finished shell, you decide. You choose the level of shell that best fits your skill, time frame and budget.

A Tiny Home to Call Your Own with Patricia Foreman | Moments with Marianne

We do all the hard work and you finish out your tiny house in your own time and taste. We offer sizes ranging from 16' to 30'. We are super excited to announce our newest co-op build workshops. Our new series will focus on the fundamentals of building a tiny house, built to weather time and travel. This year's builds will allow ten builders to come build with us for 3 or 4 days.

We will build a tiny house basic or deluxe shell.

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More Information. Choose one of our tiny home models. Decide on a completed model or several options of DIY shells. Drive away with a Tiny Home ready to finish or ready to live in!

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Make your creative tiny house dreams a reality. Building your custom tiny home would be our pleasure! Schedule a consultation to sketch out your tiny house ideas. Choose a Date, Sign up for one of our workshops, Pay your registration fee. Plan to have fun, learn a lot, and get your hands dirty. Show up on your chosen build date!

You will learn everything you need to build your dream tiny house. Durning the workshop all the necessary tools are provided and ready to go. We will work collaboratively over the 3 or 4 days to build a complete tiny house shell. New Creation Tiny Homes is offering several solutions to the tiny house dreamer including Light Stream Tiny House Loans.

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This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

Hillary Hoffower. The roots of tiny living date back to the 18th century in the days of Henry David Thoreau and Walden Pond, but tiny houses have been a rising trend in the past five years. Over the past three years, zoning laws and nonprofits have been passed throughout various parts of the US to help relax regulations for tiny houses.

"A Tiny Home To Call Your Own"

Tiny homes have plenty of pros — they're more environmentally friendly, you can live on the go, and you save money. But when problems pop up in a tiny space, they can seem magnified.

They wrote in their blog that it was stressful in a small space. For some, it's a matter of affordability. Some tiny home dwellers buy their home outright, while others build and design them from scratch to meet their needs. This gives them a level of customization, but it can come with difficulties. When tiny home resident Jenna was building her tiny house, there weren't many resources available.

It was ultimately worth it for her because she's debt free. She credits this to the low expenses associated with tiny living. She loves having the ability to move her home whenever she needs to relocate. While it's nice to be able to move your home around, zoning laws can make it difficult. According to Thrillist, some zoning laws make tiny living illegal — even if you buy land, there's the possibility it's illegal to build a tiny home on it.

Tim and Sam of Tiffany the Tiny Home bought their tiny home instead of building it. Within 90 days, they got rid of most of their belongings and cut out the excess. But, that means they had to downsize sentimental items and memorabilia. If they do bring something back from a trip, it's small — like this tiny fair door. They moved Tiffany to a new place for the first time last year, and it involved quite a bit of prep work. They first had to get Tiffany off of the cinder blocks and, like an RV, unhook the water, sewage, and electric.

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But what wasn't expected was dealing with some plumbing issues. They had to reroute their toilet pipe into their main pipe so it wouldn't drag during transportation of their home. They also had to stow movable items, childproof cabinets and doors, and strap down movable objects. Another challenge they've faced is being intentional with their "me" time. Sometimes, they need to get creative about where and when the personal time takes place.

However, there's a plus side: this time becomes sacred. Because they're so intentional with it, they appreciate it that much more. Jenna also found a few challenges to living small. For example: a limited wardrobe. It was embarrassing. I felt unfashionable and poor, and I'm neither of those things. Her tiny house is also restricted by weight, which is determined by axle size.