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Adventures of Superman: Gil Kane

Tales of Kryptonite No. Clark Kent's Brother! The Defeat of Superman! The Luthor-Superman! Clark Kent's Incredible Delusion! The End of a Hero! Story aliens land on Earth demanding Superman kill someone or Earth would be destroyed. Superman chooses himself but they change the kryptonite to ordinary rock. Then Lois and Lana pick themselves with Superman stopping Superman's Mission for President Kennedy!

Adventures of Superman: Gil Kane - Comics by comiXology

Look upon the greatest Imaginary Story of all time! Look as all the loose ends get tied in Superman's life! Superman goes to war! Lois Lane, the Super-maid from earthChapter 1: Lois Lane's flight from earthWhen the Sun of earth explodes destroying it, Lois Lane is sent to Krypton in a capsule, and given powers by a Power-ray his father invented, she Part I: Superman's Death Sentence! Superman is dying First story: "The day Superman Broke the Law" When Superman goes to the quiet town of Littleton to stop a pending danger, he find himself in a bind. Second Story: The Super-Showdown.

Lois Lane goes to investigate a western Main Story: Imaginary story about what would happen if Luthor killed Superman. Ollie: 1 pg. Mxyzptlk's Super-Mischief! All stories reprinted in Showcase Presents: Superman 3. Cover Story: Lex Luthor builds a contraption in prison that allows him to contact people from the future.

They are a three-member The Story of Superman's Life! The Secret Identity of Superman! The Interplanetary Circus! The Super-Weapon! It's up to Superman and Jimmy Olsen to stop him! Superboy's First Public Appearance! The Great Superman Hoax! Lois Lane's Lucky Day!

Bizarro Meets Frankenstein!

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Superman Meets Al Capone! Superman's Return to Krypton! Superman's Kryptonian Romance! Superman's Return to The Untold Story of Red Kryptonite! Reprinted in Superman Clark Kent, Fireman of Steel! Reprinted in Superman Clark Kent's College Days an untold tale of Superman -- 3. I know Superman can fly and The Super-Sword Superman vs. Superman Is it wedding bells for Superman and Lois? The Steeplejack The Amazing Professor Memory! The Big Game Hunt of Metropolis! Reprinted in Superman - The Duel That The Daily Planet has to deal with a practical joker!

While working on a subway tunnel project he encounters an unscrupulous Chief Engineer. The Dog Who Loved Mysterious Moving Islands Jerry Jitterbug gag strip by Henry Boltinoff Jerry Jitterbug gag strip by Henry Boltinoff -- 4. Minus Three Ninety Jerry the Jitterbug gag strip by Henry Boltinoff The Prankster's Apprentice Superman vs. Peril At the Peak full text article -- 4. The Man Who Didn't Know Heavy Birds full text article -- 4. Bebe gag strip by Henry Boltinoff How We Multiply Our Strength full text article -- 4.

The Free-For-All Achilles Vs. Mxyztplk, Hero' Superman vs Mr.

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The Prankster's Radio Program! The Courtship of the Three Lois Lanes! How To Be Casey the Cop gag strip by Henry Boltinoff -- 4. Birth of the Leathernecks Shorty gag strip by Henry Boltinoff -- 4. The Case of the Second Superman Superman The Spark of Life full text story -- 4. Smartypants Superman Daffy and Doodle gag strip The Secret of the Chinese The Circus Culprit Captain Tootsie Little Pete gag strip by Henry Boltinoff -- 2. Open For The Magnetic Mobster Superman vs Mr.

Book Learning full text story by Cliff Rhodes -- 4. Christmas Bonus full text story by The Man Who Stole the Sun! Autograph, Please! Tide Squeeze full text story by Don Carter -- 4. Mxy "High Man On a Flagpole! Lois Lane, Superwoman! Actually Superman uses his powers to surreptitiously make it seem Sky Ride full text story by The Inventions of Hector Thwistle!

The Mxyztplk-Susie Alliance Superman vs. They discover massive trees Chief Hot Foot gag strip by Henry Boltinoff A Tooth For a Tooth full Fame for Sale Superman vs J. Death On a String full text story by Whitney Grandpa Peters gag strip by Tom Mcnamara Shell Game Lois Lane gives Superman the go-by for Clark Kent?!?

Private Pete gag strip by Henry Boltinoff -- 3. Private Pete gag strip by Henry Boltinoff -- 4. Superman's Master Perils of Poor Lois! Superman, Lois Lane : possibly the first imaginary story -- 2. The King of Crackpot Lane!! Superman, Lois, Jimmy Olsen -- America's Secret Weapon Is Superman needed for the war?

A Claw For a Clue full text story -- 3. Habitual Homicide Superman -- 4. Hank the Yank wartime gag strip -- 5.

This issue features 'imaginary' Superman stories - stories that either do not actually happen in Superman continuity, or somehow break 4th wall. The Man Man Or Superman? Superman vs The Talon -- Superman has his hands full trying to stop a sinister villain named 'The Talon' who doesn't care how many innocents have to die for him to achieve his goals. But, to make matters The World's Meanest Man Superman -- 2.

Terror From the Stars Superman -- 3. Case of the Runaway Skyscrapers Superman -- 4. Grandpa Peters gag strip by Tom McNamara -- 5. Omission of Guilt full text story Lois Lane The Napkanese Saboteurs Superman -- 3. The Oxnalian Revolution Superman -- 4. Statement of Ownership -- 5. Concerts of Doom Superman -- 2. The Invention Thief Superman -- 3. Rollin' Stone -- 4. Jinx Job full text -- 5. The Undersea City Superman -- 6.

Comic Review - Superman: The Man of Steel Vol 1

Good Books and Movies reviews -- 7. Marked Man full text adventure It's up to Clark and Lois to discover what he's up to - and up to Superman: World's Greatest Adventure Character -- 2. The Invisible Luthor first time Luthor is bald! Money for You! Calling all Cars facts about police -- 5. The Phony Pacifists Superman -- 3.

Supermen of America Superman Club info -- 4. Wy don't you lern how woo spel rite?