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Read more. The Flash Forward is a look ahead at what may be a possibility in the characters' futures. When it occurs once at the very start of a work, it's How We Got Here. Not to be confused with Seers - characters who can view the future or a possible future inside the context of the story. Compare Futureshadowing. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. It then cuts back to the events some hours earlier. Venus Versus Virus 's anime begins with a flash forward to the climax of the show. Though it is more of an Action Prologue. Comic Books. Archie Marries Veronica is stated to be a flashforward story arc, set after Archie and the gang have graduated from college.

The Ballad of Halo Jones featured a flash forward several centuries ahead of the main story's timeline. Here, in what appears to be a utopia , a history professor lectures his students on Halo's adventures back in the 51st century. It ends with him expressing his feelings and longing for the centuries-dead woman. Days of Future Past , one of the most famous story arcs in Marvel Comics, is a series of stories in which various X-men and others get glimpses of a possible future where the USA has been conquered by the Sentinel mutant-hunting AIs , mutants are rounded up in concentration camps, and America has basically been reduced to a totalitarian nightmare.

The storyline pivots around the activities of present day fictional U. Senator Robert Kelly, and it's left unclear whether or not that future has been prevented. In the Legion of Super-Heroes comics, the infamous Adult Legion story from Adventure Comics , which even depicted the deaths of members who hadn't joined yet. Stories were written for almost two decades that seemed to work towards the future shown here and other earlier Adult Legion stories until it was finally revealed as an alternate reality.

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The final issue of Mega Man had Dr. Witchblade which was a Wizard mail-in offer that depicted a future issue of the comic. Comic Strips. Sovisa jokes with this in a trapped in the past style filler story, in which Ryn murders a bartender who's faux olde English is annoying her Also because It's Ryn. Not every butterfly inspired Shakespere ". However, because of the time-shenanigans, she returns back at the moment she left. A Different Fight , being an alternate version of Arrow Season 4, also had one of these near the beginning.

Oliver replies that physically she should be fine, but they haven't told her about "the other thing" yet, and he says he's going to kill the one responsible. It later turns out, the attempt on her life caused her to have a miscarriage. Empath and his grandson Polaris Smurf, who eventually becomes Traveler. The story alternates between that time period and the present time period of the story series, where the younger Empath experiences "flash forwards" into the future at various points leading up to the starting point of the story. In those "flash forwards", he sees himself and Smurfette getting married and having a child, Papa Smurf dying, Smurfette dying, and eventually the village itself being destroyed.

In the Motion Practice series, which recasts various Marvel superheroes as lawyers, the story "Judicial Conduct" ends with a flash-forward to a scene several years after the rest of the series, in which Assistant District Attorney Coulson has become a judge. Films — Live-Action.

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In Lola Rennt , a. Run, Lola, Run in the US, an encounter with another pedestrian sometimes triggered a Blipvert showing what would happen to that person. In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers , Elrond warns Arwen what will happen if she stays in Middle-Earth and marries Aragorn, and there is a scene of Aragorn's funeral, after he has become king and has died of old age, while Arwen lives on in grief and loneliness.

Next revolved around the ability of Nicolas Cage's character to see two minutes into the future unless certain conditions were met , and play it over and over again in his mind until he found the optimal path to take typically one that didn't end up with him being shot or beaten. In Parenthood , after putting Kevin on second base at a baseball game, Gil has two of these to Kevin's college graduation: in the first Kevin is confident and successful, but in the second after Kevin failed to make a catch , he is at the top of a tower shooting at everyone in sight with an assault rifle.

In Sweet Country , brief glimpses of the characters' futures are scattered through the film. Several of them have context missing such that it's not clear what they signify until the story catches up with that moment , and because the flashforwards are not marked out by any visual or sonic cues there are a couple where it's not even obvious that they weren't contemporary events until they come around again.


In Brave New World , one of the doctors creating test-tube babies is interrupted, and can't recall if she added one of the components to a specimen. She decides that she has, and moves on. The scene then flashes forward twenty-two years to show the aforementioned person suddenly dropping dead. Breakfast of Champions provides a few glimpses into Kilgore Trout's later life.

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Flashforward by Robert J. Sawyer centers around people all over the world having a glimpse of their lives twenty years in the future, and the subsequent consequences of this. Obviously, Facebook hasn't been invented yet, so they are viewing their futures. In fact, every time they log on, their page changes.

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Elie Wiesel's Night has this at one point, to show him meeting a woman he met in the concentration camps again, in Paris. In The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School , Amy has one at the climax of the novel, when she dives into the Purple to save Dora Paule , seeing what will become of herself and her friends as adults. Live-Action TV. Arrow : The first episode of the fourth season has a scene set 6 months in the future with Oliver and Barry standing by a grave of an unknown Team Arrow member, and an openly weeping Oliver vowing to kill the one responsible.

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