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When I hit a shot I always end up on my back foot afterward. A: Transferring your weight is so very important in all sports, especially in golf.

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When you make your backswing you are creating torque in your body, so your weight will move to the inside of your right foot. When you finish your swing your weight will move to the outside of your left foot. This transfer of weight is creating power through the shot.

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Now make a half a backswing when you start to make your downswing. Jeff is currently available for instruction by appointment at Calabasas Country Club located in Calabasas California and in La Quinta California during the winter months of November through April.

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David co-founded the Calabasas Golf Academy in He is also Hank Haney Certified. First rate driving range, with well-manicured and narrow fairways.

Top 5 Drives: 2018 World Long Drive Championship

David has been playing golf for thirty years. In that time, he has taught over ten thousand golf lessons to players of all ability levels, ages, and backgrounds. David enjoys pursuing the highest level of his own game and competitive golf on local mini tours and in professional events.

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He loves to travel and play with aspirations of playing at the PGA Tour level. We provide fun for your entire clan.

Check here so you don't miss the many family-focused events we have at the club. He joined the Calabasas Golf Academy team in His passion for the game of golf started when his dad taught him the game at an early age. In high school, he played for 4 years on the Varsity team. After high school, he had aspirations to play golf collegiately.

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The investors include General Nutrition's former chief executive, Jerry D. Lee, who now runs a private equity fund.

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Nationwide Financial Services , a publicly traded company controlled by mutually owned insurance giant Nationwide Corp. We're having dinner with them tonight, in fact.

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He's a bon vivant fellow. But one person who won't be sitting down to dinner with Franks is Gene Phillips Gene Phillips , the wheeler-dealer who oversaw the collapse of real estate syndicator Southmark. Though the suit was settled in March, Franks contends that it was in retaliation for his refusal to give a free golf membership to Joel Lenamon, a "consultant" hired by Phillips to collect the loan.

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  6. Retorts Lenamon: "He's mad because I went to his partners and asked them if they would pay off his debt. It greatly embarrassed him. But Franks is apparently a hard guy to embarrass. Recalls Assistant U.