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I find joy and laughter with my children.

Even after a crummy day, they bring a giant smile to my face. Especially my twin 1 year old boys. My daughters for the past year have started reading your books and love them. I never was the type to read but now I have got hooked on reading them also. You are such a great writer and makes you feel like you are right there while reading. Really enjoy reading now. Have a blessed weekend!! I find joy in my grandchildren and our dogs and the silly antics they pull. One of our dogs is named Bandit; he certainly lives up to his name and ADHD personality when he steals from our older and calmer dog, Patches.

Wanda I agree.. There is so much in our world to make us happy but Somedays we just need to sit down and realize we are blessed. Your books are a blessing to me…so comforting. My husband and I have been married for 49 years, and our home has always been filled with laughter.

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It is definitely a great medicine! I enjoyed meeting you again in Indiana recently, along with your husband, son, and daughter-in-law. What a nice family! You blessed them with the best gift, laughter.

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Smiles and hugs to you and yours, Wanda?? It makes us all in a better mood in a stressful job situation. My Grandchildren make me smile the most. While children are a great gift from God, I think Grandchildren are the greatest gift of all. I also smile a lot when I get to spend time alone with my daughter like when we met you in Shipshewanna. I also love watching my son play soccer.

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Have a wonderful time in Pennsylvania. Yesterday she was Peanut. I love observing small children and enjoying their innocent antics. Just yesterday during my water aerobics class of older ladies and gentlemen, I spotted a young mother and her baby waiting on a nearby bench for the son taking a swimming lesson. When the baby popped his pacifier in his mouth, attached to it was a little black mustache. Since it was such an unexpected sight and so incongruous with a baby, I had to smile. Afterward I told several people about the mustache and smiled anew. Every body needs to laugh, but sometimes you have to cry.

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Seek out the good in everything, and everyone. When things get bad go to your special place everyone has one and dream. God Bless and keep up the good work. I just love your books they say a lot about how we all should live our lives. The Amish are fascinating people and through your books I can learn more about them without intruding on them. Thank you so much. I truly love your books. Yes, a merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

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Would love to win. Enjoy reading about the Amish Facts in your newsletter which adds to the credibility of the stories written by you and Jean.

Good Medicine - Wanda Brunstetter

Please continue for my pleasure and contentment. I love your journal subject this month on having a joyful heart. The simplest things in my life bring such joy to my heart! Yes, you are so right; it is the simple things in life that count so much. When I get together with my two adult daughters, we always end up laughing and laughing. It is such good medicine and very contagious to others too. I enjoy your books and newsletter. May God Bless you. I so love reading your books. It is so easy to get lost and not realize you are not there. So interesting. I love watching the antics of my daughters younger dog.

My husband makes me laugh with the stories he makes up and his terrible singing while he makes a parody of the song that is playing. I love your journals and your books and nature. I love reading your journal with all its uplifting subjects. That, indeed, was a funny story you gave us. The only thing I can think of right now is when my 7 year old granddaughter calls me in the evening. She likes to tell me what she did that day, which is usually entertaining. At the end she asks if she can give me a kiss. Of course I tell her yes. Along comes the very long and loud mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah!!

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I get the biggest kick out of that. I hope it never gets old……precious indeed!! A very dear friend who passed on over ten years ago told me that when everything seems to be going wrong for you, you can always think of someone who is much worse off then you. I always can find something that will make me laugh and try to remember what she told me. So when meeting people in passing I greet them with a Hello and a smile. My mother had to work and we lived with my grandpa, after my grandma died, to help take care of him.

When I married we had more laughter in our family so I hope my kids look at their childhood as a good one.