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Way Of The Cross

Stop at the side of the road, and look carefully to the left, right and left again.

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If there is no traffic coming, walk across the road. Don't run, you are more likely to fall. Navigation menu. Search SafeNY.

How to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Yellow lights and signs mean caution or that you are coming to a dangerous area. If you are waiting to cross the street, you should not cross if the light is yellow. The light is about to turn red, and cars will enter the intersection. If you are in the street, finish crossing the street.

The Way of the Cross | Ireland Reaching Out

If you have not started crossing the street, stay on the curb. If the lights in these graphics aren't flashing, try your browser's reload or refresh button. This sign means you are coming to a crosswalk.

Crosswalks are two white lines painted on the road which go across the street. You should walk inside the lines. Cars, bicycles and in-line skates must stop to allow people in the crosswalk to cross the street.

When you use the crosswalk to cross the street, before you step into the street, you should look carefully to the left, right and left again to be sure it is safe to cross. This sign means you are near a crosswalk by a school. On school days this area will be busy when school is opening and closing. At this crosswalk, like any other crosswalk, it is important to look carefully to the left, right and left again if you have to cross the street. If you must walk through parked traffic, stop and look carefully before stepping out from between vehicles.

Don't run between parked cars and buses. Look, Your father and I have sought You anxiously. Jesus was no stranger to the house of worship and neither is any true disciple of Jesus. And, yes, unfortunately there are. Jesus called them hypocrites and serpents and everything else.

If I am following in the footsteps of Jesus today, I will also be led to the house of worship. Third, the footsteps of Jesus will lead me into the fields of service.

And this is where Jesus spent the vast majority of His short life on the earth. He did good wherever He went. He came to seek and save the lost.

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He selflessly left Heaven to live amongst a howling mob of sinful men and to be crucified at their hands and He did so because He loved us and wanted to save us from our sins. He is like a shepherd who went out into the cold, dark night to search for His lost sheep.

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His life was one of mercy, pity and compassion. He cared about those who were less fortunate. His heart broke for the sick, the weak, the crippled and the blind. He wept alongside others over the loss of their loved ones. He felt the pain of parents who lost their children.

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He felt the pains of hunger that were felt by the multitudes who wandered out to hear Him. He was a friend to the people who had no other friends. He went into the lowliest places of society and salvaged the wrecks of humanity. He gave hope to the hopeless and he gave help to the helpless. That means instead of sitting at a seat of honor and recognition, he took the place of a slave and waited upon others. Those who follow Jesus today will gladly spend and be spent in the fields of service. There is no job too lowly for the servant of Christ.

Jesus said that if we feed the hungry, clothe the poor and naked, visit the sick and those in prison, we do those things unto Him Matthew The steps of Jesus led up a difficult and lonely hill and took Him to His death. It was a walk of shame. In a parade of criminals and calloused soldiers, Jesus was pushed and shoved up the hill of Calvary. His death was not a challenge; it required humility to the point of humiliation.

Stations of the Cross

His death took accepting not just death, but the most horrible and degrading of deaths known in ancient times. His feet were laid one on top of the other and a long nail pierced them both and secured Him to the crudely fashioned cross. It was lifted high and with a thud, dropped into its socket and the body of our Lord sagged beneath its own weight. He hung there for six hours and suffocated to death while people sat at the foot of His cross and gambled and swore. They mocked and ridiculed and spat on Him until He finally died.

Jesus must have had that awful scene in mind when He said:. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. The old hymn says:.

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  5. A lot of people today want the crown the Lord offers without the cross He gives. They want to walk down the primrose path to Heaven and live happily ever-after. Are you glad to carry the cross of Jesus on your shoulders? Will you crucify your own selfish pride, and desire to be like Jesus and walked as He walked? The ultimate suffering! What did he mean by suffering?

    What kind of suffering might we even have to bear to follow Jesus? Well, Peter tells us in the next chapter. But listen, last and best of all, I want to say that the footsteps of Jesus lead to the throne of God.