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The reason was that in those days shaving of head was considered ugly. No prophet or Imam ever did anything which appeared loathsome to people. When Islam spread and dislike for shaving the heads was no more, our Imams also shaved their heads. Someone presented twelve dirhams to the Holy Prophet S. O Ali! Do you think the shopkeeper will take it back? Then the Holy Prophet S accompanied me to the market. On the way we saw a slave girl weeping. My master gave me four dirhams to buy something from the market but I lost the money. Now I cannot dare to go home. He then went back to the market and bought another shirt for four dirhams, wore it and thanked God.

While returning he again saw that slave girl sitting on the path. The Holy Prophet S repeated Salam but no response. It is narrated through authentic chains of narrators that Imam Musa Kazim a. One day he came and demanded his money. The companions of the Holy Prophet S then began to scold and threaten the Jew.

This man has almost imprisoned you and he does not allow you to move from here! O Messenger of Allah S! I give away half of my wealth in the path of Allah. By God! I had behaved like this only to ascertain whether you possess the virtues of the last prophet as mentioned in the Torah.

I have read in that scripture that the birth place of Muhammad bin Abdullah will be Mecca and that he will migrate to Medina; he will not talk harshly nor will he be hot-tempered, he will not talk loudly and will never utter obscene words. I testify that God is One and that you are His Messenger. My wealth is here. Thereafter Imam Musa Kazim a. One night his sheet was folded twice with a view to give him more comfort.

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At midnight, when Umm Salma awoke she could not find the Prophet in his bed. Let not the things which You have gifted to me be wasted and do not make the jealous enemies joyful regarding me. My Sustainer!

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Do not turn me to the evils from which You have saved me and do not leave me to myself even for a split second. When the Prophet heard her, he asked for the reason. May my parents be sacrificed on you. The Holy Prophet S asked him to give four hundred wasaq 2 dates to this man. It was given. After some days that Ansari came back and demanded the dates loaned by him.

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I will repay, Insha Allah. The Holy Prophet S again replied in the same way. It happened likewise on the third occasion. His armor was mortgaged with a Jew for twenty saa of barely which the Holy Prophet S had borrowed to feed his family members. One day the Holy Prophet S broke his fast with them near the pulpit in a stone vessel. Thirty persons dined to satiation with the Holy Prophet S and also took food for their family members who also were satiated.

Then Almighty Allah revealed the verses:.

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Thenceforth he was praying standing on both legs. It is narrated through reliable traditions from Imam Ali Reza a. What I intend is that I may thank You and also continue to ask from You. He wore a ring in his right hand. He sacrificed a black and white goat having horns. It is also mentioned in traditions that people asked him the Imam if the Holy Prophet S practiced dissimulation to which the Imam replied: after the revelation of the verse:.

In another tradition, Imam Musa Kazim a. Whose right on the creation can ever be there except that of the Holy Prophet S? Similar is the case with us, the Ahlul Bayt.

None is thankful to us. Similarly good and the virtuous faithful people also do good to the common man but nobody shows thankfulness to them too. It is mentioned in a reliable tradition that Imam Ali Reza a. Allah sends to you His greetings and says that virgins of age are like ripe fruits hanging from the trees.

When a fruit becomes ripe it must be plucked, otherwise sun destroys it and the air changes its quality. Similarly when young virgins come of age the only remedy is to get them married.

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One should not be careless regarding them. The Holy Prophet S gathered the people, climbed the pulpit and conveyed this divine message to all. People asked with whom should they virgins be married? I have married my cousin to Miqdad so that marriage may become an easy and light task and that you may understand that race must not be considered in marriages.

Once there was no barrier to conceal behind. There were only two palm trees. One of the companions was with the Holy Prophet S at that time. The Holy Prophet S signaled to those trees and they came nearer and joined together making a barrier. Then the Holy Prophet S went behind them and relieved himself. When that man went to look behind those trees he could not find anything. It is reported through authentic chains that Imam Ali Reza a. Then food arrived for me from Paradise, through which I attained potency equal to forty males in the matter of courage, movement and sex.

Amirul Momineen a. This is the first food which I am taking.

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  • He slept on the floor without spreading a mattress, considering himself a slave. It is mentioned in another reliable tradition that once a villager woman came and saw that the Holy Prophet S was dining on the floor. How is it that you sit and eat like slaves? According to another narration that woman was formally foul-mouthed and shameless and that she became decent and modest thereafter.

    According to yet another reliable tradition Imam Muhammad Baqir a. Rather sometimes it so happened that he himself gave away hundred of camels to others. If he wanted he could eat full stomach. But he did never do so.