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The Shadow of Death

Everywhere I turn in this house I see something to do with her, some touch she added to make it our home. Maybe I am too emotional, but this is just so hard. I know that it is, Alan. Someone once told me the reason we have so much fear and anxiety in our imagined futures life without Lynn , is that we cannot imagine grace. I am confident he will be with you each day, in this crisis and through it. Heaven is not silent; it only seems so to you. They do survive, and even thrive in a future God still has for them. But you will go on and all the memories and experiences you have had with her will live on in you too.

That is the most difficult place I know of, and though you are not sufficient to that task, he is. It just means you have to put everything on his lap every day and roll with whatever comes—joy or pain. I wish I could save you from this. She even instigates it if I should forget. I have wept more in the past couple of days than I wanted to. Yesterday was the worst day in the recent nightmare and probably in four years. She woke up with her big brown eyes shining at me and we talked some and I helped her exercise her legs in the bed. Take me to the hospital.

I did and eventually she settled and fell asleep. I mean I can talk but to not have her respond even with a fist bump is creating a new level of sorrow. I am still praying for her to be miraculously healed.

In the Shadow of Death, Part 4

But, Wayne, for the first time I asked God to take her as opposed to letting her suffer like that. She is sleeping soundly and has been for over 24 hours. Another day! I love Lynn so much. Tears are not a sign of defeat or lack of faith. The sorrow you feel is directly tied to the depth of love you two have shared. Cry all you want.

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Embrace God in the tears. He understands your pain better than you do. Once they pass, we are freer to grieve to healing. Would that they get healed, or pass on quicker, but her lingering has to do with her desire to survive and some work God is yet doing in her heart and soul.

valley of the shadow of death

She is not alone. New releases.

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The Shadow of Death

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